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Why Develop Your Site with Creating a website is now very easy and cheap. The most affordable and handy place where you can develop your site is at 1and1. The site has all the services and tools that you need to create a website for your personal or business use. Order the 1&1 MyWebsite Plus package for 12 month term and receive a $20 credit. You can register a domain name, grab a hosting plan, design your website, and add your content. Let’s talk about these steps in more details.

Steps on Developing a Website at 1and1 mywebsite

Knowing your niche at 1and1 Website.

A niche refers to a particular group of people who are interested with a certain product, service, or information. Before starting a website, you must first understand your niche. It is better to be as specific as possible so that you can easily reach your target audience.

Planning and registering a 1and1 domain name

Like naming a new born baby, you also have to think of a great domain name for your new site. Just think of any name that goes with the niche you chose. Make it short and simple so that it will be easy for your visitors to remember it.


Once you come up with a nice domain name, you also have to choose an extension. Extension comes in many forms such as .com, .org, .net, etc. It is recommended however for you to go for .com and only choose .org or .net if the .com is no longer available. In fact, I even suggest that you rather think of another domain name if the .com is not available for the one you wanted to use. If you now have a domain name with the .com extension available, register it at 1and1.

Applying for a hosting at 1and1 my website

The domain is like a name that bears your site while hosting is a space where you can place your web files. 1and1 has 3 hosting plans and simply pick the one that you think works best for your site. If you are still starting out, you can grab the Starter package. Order the 1&1 MyWebsite Plus package for 12 month term and receive a $20 creditIt is better for you to grab the Unlimited package however if you plan to add more sites in the future. You can even consider getting the Business plan if you need more features for your websites.

Designing your site at 1and1 MyWebsite

You don’t need to hire a professional web designer to design the looks of your site. 1and1 has various web templates that you can easily use. Simply look for something that goes with the kind of site you are creating and 1and1 design it until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Just make things simple however so that your site will look clean and professional. Need better web hosting? Choose 1&1. Free: domains, marketing tools, search engine ad & more. Check OFFERS!

1and1 mywebsiteOther things you can do.You can also avail of other services that 1and1 hosting provides like email addition, server management, eCommerce site setup, etc. You can however look into this soon if you are still beginning.


Web development does not have to be hard and expensive. At 1and1 website, you can acquire things cheaply and easily. You can have an up and running site in no time if you create one at 1and1 mywebsite.

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